Larry Bucknum KUKH82A at
Fri May 12 01:04:56 EST 1995

I need the name of any Doctors(Immunologists) in Alaska.  My wife was 
found to test positive to Aspergillus Niger fungus during a sinus surgery.
  This was the third such surger in less that a year.  She has been on 
antibiotics for this whole time yet continues to develope polyps/cysts in 
her sinus cavities.  I posted an article on bionet.mycology and many of 
the replies emply that this is a problem in persons with immune 
deficencies.  She never has been a model of the medical texts.  Her 
medical history has really been long and hard, i.e.---
Rhumatic fever at age 17
T.B. at age 18
Multiple skin graphs as a result of burns when a child
Positive for Epstein-Barr
Severe/chronic migrain headaches.

Any suggestions?

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