CD4 expression

Christopher J. Savoie savoie at
Thu May 25 19:22:52 EST 1995

OK....but what are those pathways that follow...not so briefly.  My question was perhaps 
oversimplistic to the point that you defined the major ligand as MHC class II and stop at 
that.   Please define "signal transduction pathways".  For example, is there interaction with 
other CD4 co-ligands (intra- or extra- cellular) which modulate the response to a ClassII 
MHC/peptide complex, depending on the nature of the peptide in the complex (self, viral, 
oncogenic, etc.)...or is CD4 just a "clamp" to hold the MHCII/peptide to the TCR?   

The CD4 can't be upstream of a lytic or cytotoxic pathway directly if it's also on APCs, can 

So, again...   *specifically* what does it do?

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