Adjuvants to replace CFA

Prof Duncan Stewart-Tull gbma13 at
Mon May 22 03:41:05 EST 1995

You may be interested to know that I have recently edited a book entitled
" The Theory and Practical Application of ADJUVANTS" published by John
Wiley and Sons 1994. This gives accounts of many of the more common types
of adjuvant in use.  I do not recommend FCA for routine use. Have you
heard of the European Adjuvant Group which I run under the auspices of
Superfos in Copenhagen? Contact me directly for further information.  
gbma13 at
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> We're gathering information about suitable adjuvant replacements and
> inoculation protocols (# of boosts, intervals, volume) for polyclonal
> antibody production, primarily in rabbits. If you could provide us with
> experiences with different proteins, problems encountered, and solutions that
> don't make use of Complete Freund's Adjuvant, it would be much appreciated.
> Oksana Yarosh   yarosh at
> Dale Godson     godson at
> Veterinary Infectious Disease Organization
> Saskatoon, SK

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