Help with B-cell activation, differention into sub-pop.'s

Julian SO apathy at
Tue Nov 7 23:35:41 EST 1995

I'm currently doing a term paper based on Wortis et al's paper
entitled "B-cell activation by crosslinking of surface IgM or ligation
of CD40 involves alternative signal pathways and results in different
B-cell phenotypes" (PNAS USA v92, #8, pp 3348-3352). 

I've done a cursory search on Medline, and that seems to be pretty helpful
so far. I have a feeling that Herzenberg et al's work on B-cell 
subpopulations is going to be helpful, but I'd like a few more pointers to 
"pull me over the top," as it were. For example, pointers to very recent
articles (ie: too recent to have made it into Medline), web sites,
books, and general opinions on the topic would be very much appreciated.

I'd appreciate and prefer getting all of this info via email, but I suppose
that posting could generate more interesting discussions on the topic.

Thanks for your time.
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