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                    XVth World Congress of ASTHMOLGY
           Montpellier, France,  April 25th, 26 and 27th 1996
                   mailto:  PhGodard.Asmanet at Paris.Net

Call for Abstracts.......... Main topics are:

1) From epidemiology to genetic and treatment
   - Involvement of polluants in asthma
   - Basic mechanisms of asthma

2) Optimum asthma management, basic mechanisms of asthma,
   new treatments.

3) Quality of life, new treatments, infectious asthma

Abstracts should be submitted with your registration form, as early
as possible and no later than December 31, 1995.

Accepted abstratcs will be published by "Allergy"

Instructions for the abstratcs are the following:
1) The first author is responsible for the abstract
2) Summission affirms that the submitted material has not been
   previously published
3) Abstract must be submitted and presented either in French
   or in English
4) Use an electric typewriter or a laser printer.
5) Format: type the title (capital letters), the name(s) of
   author(s) within the frame of the page and underline the
   speaker's name only, and his professional address
6) Type the body of the text without any space between paragraphs
7) Abstracts will be published exactly as submitted. Abstracts
   should be free of smudges and errors. Since they will be reduced
   for publication, please ensure that characters are of
   sufficient size.
8) Choose three key-words for your work and list them
   where  indicated.

Authors will be notified individually in February 1996 of the
acceptance or rejection of their presentation, with its day, time
and place, by the Scientific Committee and whether it will be in
a poster symposium or in a thematic poster.

Thematic poster:
Posters will be exposed during the day (8:30 to 17:30)

Authors will be responsible for putting up and taking down their
material within the alloted time periods.

The congress organizers are not responsible for misplacement, loss
or damage to materials.

Poster symposium:

Posters will be exposed (see "thematic poster") during the day
(8:30 to 17:30) and discussed in the afternoon as indicated in the
acceptance letter: 5 minutes will be allowed for each presentation.

Authors are requested to indicate, in the space provided on the
abstract reproduction form, three keywords that most closely
describe their abstract.

Three prizes rewarding the best posters will be granted:

  1. Congress Award: $5,000  The winner will be choosen by the
     Scientific Committee.
  2. Interasma Award: $5,000  The winner will be choosen from
     amongst the Interasma members by the Interasma Board
  3. Honour Committee Award: $5,000  The winner will be selected by
     the Congress Honour Committee

Send your abstract to the following address:

BP 5067
F-34033 Montpellier Cedex 1

For more information, visit the Web for Asmanet

       (webmaster: Michel.Godard at Paris.Net)

or mail to:
Professeur Philippe Godard > PhGodard.Asmanet at Paris.Net

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