Affinity, what is it?

Troels Wind wind at
Fri Nov 10 01:18:29 EST 1995

Hi all,

Heres a little theoretical question for you immunologists. Imagine, that two
monoclonal Abs towards the SAME antigen are available. For simplicity, lets
assume the antigen is monomeric, i.e. no epitopes exist in duplicate.

If one uses these two Abs in ELISA towards the antigen under the same 
conditions (same coating, same concentration of Ab, same detection Abs etc.),
and one of them gives a higher signal than the other, is it then fair to say 
that it has a higher affinity than the other? If not, then WHAT is higher or
better, yhat results in the better ELISA-signals?

I would really appreciate any input on this!

Thanks in advance,
Troels Wind
University of Aarhus

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