'Stealth Viruses', CMV

Lon Morgan lmorgan at primenet.com
Sat Nov 11 00:19:52 EST 1995

I have come across some information from Univ. of SC and a Dr. Martin who has 
published some research possibly implicating CMV, especially simian strains, 
in various human disorders ranging from MS to CFS and numerous others in 
between.  These viral strains are being labeled 'stealth' because it is 
claimed they are often present in vague human disorders without the person or 
his doctor being aware of it.

I would like to see some opinions on this matter.  Is this research being 
considered seriously?  Is anyone else working on this approach?  Is there any 
developing concensus on the merits/validity of Martin's work?

Thank you,
Lon Morgan, DC
lmorgan at primenet.com

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