How many CD4/CD8 molecules per cell?

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Sat Nov 11 17:53:02 EST 1995

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>Can anyone tell me how many CD4 or CD8 molecules there 
are on the
>corresponding murine or human T-cell??  What is the 
surface area of the
>If you don't ask much from life, that's what you'll get.
An interesting and difficult question.  Also a relatively 
one as far as clinical applications.
At this time I can only propose to work around an answer. 
cell diameter range that T cells far into is 9-12 microns. 
cells, such as immature basophils, also fall into this 
range.  If
one wants to assume a sphere that you can calculate from 
diameter.  Electronic cell counters measure volumne in
femtoliters.  This is true with RBCs.  I seem to remember 
somewhere that T cell volume is between 140 and 160 
(but need shape to calculate surface area), but I have no
reference to support this.  Just to be sure that we are on 
same page, I want memtion that one cannot classify a cell 
volume.  Electronically derived WBC differentiatials use 
as part of the classification.  The volume used however 
seems to
be found in the manufacture's software algrithm.  Such 
are appearently company secrets.
As to the number of CD4 & CD8 receptors this would vary 
with cell
maturity and possibly with TCRs.  As TCRs are continuously
replaced so might CD4 & CD8.  I do not think that anyone 
the answer to your question.  I would like to guess that 
it is in
the hundreds.  Someone out there correct me!

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