New Cancer Treatment?

Nigel2 nigel at
Sun Nov 12 07:41:16 EST 1995

Could anyone out there tell me whether this is really a good idea or
totally bollocks or perhaps even not novel?

Metastasis is a major problem in the treatment of cancer. About 50% of
all cases of cancer have already spread by the time of diagnosis.

So why can't we prevent metastasis simply by passive immunity-
injecting antibodies into someones bloodstream which bind any free
cancer cells preventing them infecting some other organ. I can only
believe that you would need such a large dose of antbody as most will
bind to the tumour itself. 

However, my understanding is that surgery to remove a tumour often
causes secondary tumours as cells are dislodged during the operation.
Surely it would be sensible to inject the cancer antisera during and
after the removal of the tumour.

Any suggestions/comments/insults.


Nigel J.Osborn.

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