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In article <Carolyn.Field-1111951628270001 at>, Carolyn.Field at (Caro Field) writes:
> In article <dtyyu.3.0010A1E6 at>, dtyyu at (David Tak Yan Yu) wrote:
>> It has been very troublesome for someone in the United States to
> receieve cell 
>> lines or monoclonal antibodies from outside the United States.  Apparently, 
>> any items which contain fetal calf sera have to be pre-approved by the
> Dept of 
>> Agriculture.  I would appreciate if any one has suggestion to expediate the 
>> process.
> Would it be possible to request the cells to be sent in a serum-free medium? 
> This would probably depend on the type of cells you're talking about, but
> there seem to be more and more varieies of SFM, on the market these days
> for a widening range of cell types.
Unfortunately not I fear - when I worked in the biotech industry doing 
contract research we were asked to send cell lines back to customers in the US 
after the contract was complete. We had to have complete documentation in the 
form of certificates of analysis to show what serum had been used *throughout* 
the culture process (going back over several years in somecases). My 
understanding was that the major point of concern was that FCS derived from UK 
cattle had not been used, following the BSE scare. New Zealand and US Serum 
products were acceptable, however we had to have documentation to show that 
this was the case.


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