'dural tension'

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>I was talking with a chiropractor today about some symptoms a friend is
>experiencing (posterior neck spasms, severe tension and migraine
>headaches, severe dizziness - all made worse by chiropractic adjustments)
>and he mentioned that "dural tension" could be the cause of all those

>Does anyone know exactly what "dural tension" is and what physiological
>effects it has on the body?

As a chiropractor I am exposed to this theory a lot.  It seems to have 
originiated, in part, from a chiro college in Georgia.  Basically, their 
approach claims a small dentate ligament in the upper cervical spine attaches 
to the dura (outer meninges).   Through an arcane and awkward explanation of 
neuroanatomy this is supposed to cause various ailments which can be relieved 
by spinal adjustments.

IMHO, this idea is totally without merit and has not been established in any 
credible way by anyone.  As a chiropractor I feel our services can be of great 
benefit, but it is not in our interest, nor in the public's interest to 
promote ideas such as 'dural tension' that have little or no basis in fact.

I suggest getting a different chiropractor, one capable of making a thorough 
and competent physical examination to determine whether chiropractic care is 
indicated, or whether the patient should be referred.

Best Wishes,
Lon Morgan, DC
lmorgan at primenet.com

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