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}Could anyone out there tell me whether this is really a good idea or
}totally bollocks or perhaps even not novel?
}Metastasis is a major problem in the treatment of cancer. About 50% of
}all cases of cancer have already spread by the time of diagnosis.
}So why can't we prevent metastasis simply by passive immunity-
}injecting antibodies into someones bloodstream which bind any free
}cancer cells preventing them infecting some other organ. I can only
}believe that you would need such a large dose of antbody as most will
}bind to the tumour itself. 
}However, my understanding is that surgery to remove a tumour often
}causes secondary tumours as cells are dislodged during the operation.
}Surely it would be sensible to inject the cancer antisera during and
}after the removal of the tumour.
}Any suggestions/comments/insults.
}Nigel J.Osborn.


a little different from the immunological approach, but may have some 

recently, while researching another topic, I came accross a reference for 
tetracycline where it is being used to identify neoplams. Apparently the 
t'cycline is taken up by the cells and allows them to fluoresce.

This means the cell has used t'cycline's cell wall weakness in growing. One 
would assume that at some point this cell would selfdestruct. I take it that 
because of rapid growth rate, the t'cycline is differentially taken in by the 
faster growing cell (than normal ones).....would be interesting to put this 
to practical tests. pretty innocuous.

BTW - on your original idea.....

metchnikov ~1800s had notted a method for enhancing(increasing) macrophage 
populations in an organism. This was done to try to cut down on infections 
after surgeries. The sytem used finely ground charcoal injected into the 
abdominal cavity.....after about a week, macropages were much more numerous 
and ready for any invader. 

Whether this would up the immunological function in such things as cancer 
would be another interesting (pretty cheap) study.

In the realm of pathogens......they have various ways of negating immune 
function (smart little survival tacktic). Overwhelming these organisms with 
an atificially created enhansed immune pressence may prove interesting. After 
all the immune system is very reactionary.

another BTW - metchnikov had studdied pathogenicity's affect on immune 
function in detail...well worth checking out....his book "Immunity in 
Infectious Disease" has bin reprinted. Another good one is "the Comparative 
patrhology of Imflamation"

hope this helps some

tom c

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