Peptide Biotinylation

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Wed Nov 15 15:43:57 EST 1995

To biotinylate a small peptide, there are two relatively simple methods.  The first, as you 
suggested, is to derivitise the peptide with a c-terminus cysteine and use a maleimide activated, 
an iodoacetylbiotin, or a pyridoldi thio biotin.  The other popular method is to use the n-terminus 
and/or lysine groups and conjugate with an NHS ester derivitised biotin.  These are nice because 
they are available sulfonated to make them water soluble.  The real problem is going to be 
removal of the biotinylation reagent after conjugation.  Most of these reagents are around 500 
daltons so seperation is possible through desalting columns or dialysis, but HPLC may be 
Tom Brotcke

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