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>Has anyone had reproducibly good experience shipping MAb's
>overnight into the US?  From my same British source the times vary
>from 24hr-no-hassle to 4 days with numerous telephone calls and
>FAX's to the FEDEX office in Memphis.
Step one is dump FEDEX for international shipments. We use DHL with much
better success. (Except for the time the DHL truck went off the road
in a Canadian snowstorm...)

Step two is always ship on a Monday or Tuesday. You don't want your
package sitting in Customs over a weekend.

When importing from Britain be sure the invoice (or pro forma invoice
if you're getting it free or for the cost of the shipping) clearly
states that the material is serum free. If it's not, it better be
serum of US origin. US Customs is worried about "mad cow disease."

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