Novel Cure for Cancer

John Cherwonogrodzky jcherwon at
Wed Nov 22 16:09:59 EST 1995

Dear Colleagues:
     There was an excellent item on the potential use of boron and light (UV?) 
to treat tumor cells. Is there a newsgroup (something basic and friendly for a 
bacteriologist such as me) similar to "bionet.immunology" but for cancer?
     While I'm on this topic of novel treatments for cancer and tumours, about 
4 months ago there were some novel postings. I regret all I have is my memory 
and no references. If anyone has the references could you pass these on?
     - cancer cells have a high level of silicon (or was it selenium?) which 
may have something to do with cancer regulation
     - cancer cells have an active anaerobic metabolism. By introducing 
metabolites which can activate the aerobic pathways (nitrates?) the cancer 
cells might be able to be put back in line
     - just like Azotobacter causes tumours in plants (crown gall), perhaps 
bacterial genes have shuffled into mammalian cells. If so, perhaps some 
anti-bacterial antibiotics may inhibit cancer cells (actually my contribution 
a few weeks ago)
     Take care...John

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