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> Kupfer has shown Th actually focally secrete their IL-4 in a very 
> directed manner (JEM 179, 1507-1515, 1994). Bill Paul calls this the 
> "immunological synapse". The idea is that their is intimate association 
> between the Th cell and in this case the B cell. It seems likely similar 
> associations exist between Th and CTL.
> Calman Prussin
> Laboratotry of Allergic Disease

Current dogma is that mouse T cells do not express class II MHC.
Therefore, there will (likely) be no 'synapse' be between a class II
restricted Th cell and a CTL.
Close contact, e.g. both Th and CTL interact with the same APC expressing
class I and class II MHC, seems bo be enough.

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