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Transplantation of pancreas and islets of langerhans: a review of progress
L. Inverardi and C. Ricordi

Immunotherapy in rheumatic disease: an idea whose time has come - or gone?
G. Kingsley, J. Lanchbury and G. Panyani

The pathogenic role of HLA-B27
T.E.W. Feltkamp, M.A. Khan and J.A. Lopez de Castro


The contrasting roles of CD4+ T cells in intracellular infections in humans:
leishmaniasis as an example
M. Kemp, T. G. Theander and A. Kharazmi

Protective immunity against HIV infection: has nature done the experiment for
G. M. Shearer and M. Clerici

Antigen receptor `capacity' and the sensitivity of self-tolerance
D. Nemazee

Interplay of T cells and cytokines  in the context of enzymatically modified
extracellular matrix
D. Gilat, L. Cahalon, R. Hershkoviz and O. Lider


Preventing molecular abnormalities of T cells in cancer: the promise of
cytokine gene therapy
K. S. Zier, B. Gansbacher and S. Salvadori

Expanding the role of Peyer's patches in B-cell ontogeny
P.J. Griebel and W.R. Hein

Psoriasis: a T-cell-mediated disease?
T. Hohler, E. Hermann and K-H. Meyer zum Buschenfelde

Reply by Valdimarsson
H. Valdimarsson

Molecular mimicry: CLIP, MHC class II supermotifs and MAIDS
H.C. Morse

Ceramide, AIDS patients and long-term survivors
C. De Simone

Book Reviews

The Protein Kinase FactsBook (Parts I and II)
Reviewed by J. Downward

Medical Immunology for Students
Reviewed by R. Smith

Immunopharmacology of Free Radical Species
Reviewed by J.M. McCord

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