Gulf War related illness - man-made mycoplasmas

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>Is there anyone out there who is working on the above, if so, please
get in 
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   I did interview - - several times - - prof. Garth Nicolson, prof. of
pathology, chairman, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Dr. Nancy Nicolson,
president, Rhodon Foundation for Biomedical Research, both at Texas
University, 1515 Holcombe Ave, Houston, TX 77030.
   They have worked with Gulf War veterans and developed a treatment;
JAMA, 273; 618-19,1995. Found genetically altered mycoplasmas as the
cause of GWS.
See my postings: # 13322. Also #
   These researchers believe that this is an infectious disorder that
is spreading in the population at large. Thet also say that they have
evidence that from 4,000 to 6,000 US soldiers have died from it
(biological warfare, used by Hussein). 
   Send s.a.s. envelope (2 stamps) to the researchers (address above)
to receive a 5-page initial Persinan Gulf War report.
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