Ask for the suppliers of G-factor free LAL kits

b676771 at HPG50A.CSC.CUHK.HK b676771 at HPG50A.CSC.CUHK.HK
Sun Oct 1 21:55:38 EST 1995

   I am currently doing a research on the topic of acidic polysaccharides.
What I need to do is to find out whether the acidic polysaccharides purified
have any anti-tumour or immunological effect such as macrophages activation,
etc. But I am now worried about the purities of my purified polysaccharides:
I am afraid that it would be contaminated with lipopolysaccharides which
would significantly interfere with the native effect of the polysaccharides.
In order to determine the degree of contamination of LPS, I found that
G-factor free Limulus amoebocytes Lysate (LAL) kits can be used. However,
I have found that I have no information about the suppliers that would
offer this kit. What I need is the fax number, name, and address of the
company that supplies this kind of kit. In some articles, I found the name
of this kind of kit (i.e. 'Endospecy', from Seikagaku Kogyo Co. Ltd., Tokyo,
and 'Pyrogent', from Byk-sangtec, Diet Zenbach) but I have no information about
its address and fax numbers. I hope that somebody have information about
this kind of kit, pls let me know by sending the information to my e-mail
address. (Richardli at (Richard Li)).

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