APC targeted Ag: can it direct Th1 or Th2 responses

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>On 28 Sep 1995, William F. Wade wrote:
>> What evidence is there, if any, that targeting antigen to a specific
>> internalization pathway or APC type favors a Th1 vs Th2-type response. >
>        I've been doing studies on antigen targetting in vitro and in 
>vivo for the last few years.  I have seen nothing in the literature that 
>answers your question directly.  So far as is known now, Th1 and Th2 are 
>more determined by the nature of the cytokine microenviroment available 
>during the initial response of the naive Th precursor.  For instance 
>IL-12 and IFN-gamma promote Th1 and IL-4 promotes Th2.  However, it is 
>known that the best APC for proper activation of Th precursors is the 
>dendritic cell or an activated B cell.  That is from in vitro (no in 
>direct in vivo evidence yet) work by among others Drs. S.Swain, T. 
>Mossman, Seder, and others, published mostly in JI, JEM, etc/ 
>        Good luck.  Let me know if you find more useful information.
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related to this topic,
has anyone seen anymore data on the ability of b71 and b72 to serve as
markers to determine the th1 / th2 commitment of t cells?
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