Allergy to Fragrances

Betty Bridges bcb56 at
Tue Oct 3 06:06:52 EST 1995

I developed a severe allergy to something found in many fragrances.  Do
not think it is the "scent" part of the fragrance as I do not react to
a particular "smell".  This ingredient is found in products ranging
from household cleaners to personal care products.

My reaction is almost instant.  I go into severe asthma.  If exposure
is more than very brief I also have swelling, fatigue, drop in BP, and
muscle/joint aches.  At this point is I cannot work a public job and am
at risk any time I go out in public.

Medically little has been offered that helps other than avoidance.  I
am looking for information on ingredients in fragrances.  I am also
looking for any information on treatments that are available. 

Thank you very much
Betty Bridges

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