GMP-Grade Plasmid DNA

Robert WHALEN whalen at
Wed Oct 4 05:31:06 EST 1995

Dear Colleagues,
        I am working in the area of DNA vaccines, in which simple plasmid
DNA molecules are introduced directly into tissues for the purpose of
expressing an antigenic protein and thus inducing an immune response.
Compared to other vectors used in gene therapy, the plasmid DNA is quite
innocuous, and clinical trials can therefore be designed with one less
problem to confront.
        However, GMP quality plasmid DNA must be prepared or obtained from
a qualified supplier. My question then is: Do any of you know of a
commercial concern that would be able to prepare GMP-quality plasmid DNA
for phase I and/or II clinical trials?
        A related question is: Are there other research groups out there
among you who would be interested in having access to such a production
        Thank you,
                                Bob Whalen

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