Allergy to Fragrances

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Tue Oct 3 21:25:29 EST 1995

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>I developed a severe allergy to something found in many fragrances. 
>not think it is the "scent" part of the fragrance as I do not react to
>a particular "smell".  This ingredient is found in products ranging
>from household cleaners to personal care products.
>My reaction is almost instant.  I go into severe asthma.  If exposure
>is more than very brief I also have swelling, fatigue, drop in BP, and
>muscle/joint aches.  At this point is I cannot work a public job and
>at risk any time I go out in public.
>Medically little has been offered that helps other than avoidance.  I
>am looking for information on ingredients in fragrances.  I am also
>looking for any information on treatments that are available.

Guess I didn't give enough info.  I have been to an allergist and had 
allergy tests (there is no test available for fragrances)  I have 
asthma only in connection with exposure to fragrances.  Antihistamines 
help only slightly...give me 30 seconds before I react rather than the 
usual less than 5.  Steroid inhalers and Intal inhaler helped until 
they started irritating. I use a RotoCap inhaler for acute attacks.  

The doctors have no idea what it is in fragrances that set me off. But 
whatever it is can be found even in unscented products that contain 
"masking fragrance".  All companies have to do is list fragrance in the
ingredient list when in reality a "fragrance" may contain up to 200 
different chemicals according to the FDA.  These ingredients have no 
restrictions on them and do not have to be tested or approved before 
use.  I am collecting lots of interesting tidbits of information as I 
research this.  Anyone interested can e-mail me for further info.  Very
little research has been done on the subject (at least that I can 

So if anyone knows of specific ingredients used in fragrances please 
E-mail me.  


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