IgY and Affi-Gel Hz

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> Has anyone tried to couple chicken IgYs extracted from eggyolks to
> Affi-Gel Hz (Biorad)?
> All comments, suggestions, pros and cons
> are highly appreciated.
> Thanks for your help!
> Elena Hilario
> Dept. Mol. Cell Biology
> Univ. Connecticut,
> Storrs CT 06269-3044
Dear Elena Hilario,

Have use Affi-gel blue to purify chicken IgY.  Albumin seems to bind the 
column up and it needs constant regenerating.  Try using protein A or protein 
G.  I had better yields with protein G.  What are you using as a preliminary 
purification scheme prior to the column and are you using serum or egg yolks?

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Patricia Beetham, Ph.D.
Immunology - USDA-ARS
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