FACS--what is it?

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In <44sla9$ma6 at sifon.cc.mcgill.ca> apathy at cs.mcgill.ca (Julian SO)
>rather silly question, but here goes. i was reading an article on b
>cell subpopulations ('conventional b cells', b-1a cells, b-1b cells),
>and there was extensive mention on the use of FACS as a means of
>distinguising and/or segregating lymphocyte types and subtypes. can
>someone email me an answer as to what FACS is? i have a feeling that
>it's some sort of fluorescent assay, but that's all i have to go on.
>thnx in advance
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FACS refers to a proceedure known as "Fluorescence Activated Cell
Sorting".  In the paper you read, it is likely that these cells were
stained with different fluorescent monoclonal antibodies.  This stained
cell suspension can be run through "FACS" to separate cells based on
their fluorochrome markers.  It is a fairly intricate instrument
involving lasers, signal processing/pulse height analysis, fluid
dynamics, etc.  If you would like a further description feel free to
e-mail me

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