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The following is the list of contents for the November 1995 issue of
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Contents, November 1995

Allergy: who, why and what to do about it?
K. T. HayGlass

The cell biology of phagocytes
S. W. Edwards and F. Watson

Immunodeficiencies of genetic origin
A. Fischer and A. Arnaiz-Villena

Langerhans cells and HIV infection
G. Zambruno, A. Giannetti, U. Bertazzoni and G. Girolomoni

AIDS: a disease of impaired Th-cell renewal?
J. L. Heeney

The P2Z purinoceptor of immune cells: an intriguing role in immunity and cell
F. Di Virgilio

The human immune system in hu-PBL-SCID mice
M. Tary-Lehmann, A. Saxon and P. V. Lehmann

Involvement of B-1 cells in mucosal immunity and autoimmunity
M. Murakami and T. Honjo

Molecular defects in the bare lymphocyte syndrome and regulation of MHC class
II genes
W. Reith, V. Steimle and B. Mach

Signaling by HLA class II antigens on B cells
M. Altomonte, C. Simonelli, U. Tirelli and M. Maio

Negative selection for natural killer cells?
E. Ciccone

Immunology of centenarians
G. Steinmann and M. Hartwig

Reply from C. Franceschi, D. Monti, P. Sansoni and A. Cossarizza

Dendritic cells as initiators of tumour immunity
S. Knight

Reply by S. Grabbe and R. D. Granstein

Book reviews
The Theory and Practical Application of Adjuvants
Reviewed by J. Alexander and J. Brewer

Manipulating the Mouse Embryo: A Laboratory Manual (2nd edn)
Reviewed by A. Mellor

Microbes Bugs and Wonder Drugs
Reviewed by C. Lamont

Handbook of Human Stress and Immunity
Reviewed by B. Plytycz

Immunobiology: The Immune System in Health and Disease
Reviewed by J. H. Brock

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