EBOLA in England?

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>> I heard that there was a contained outbreak of Ebola in England
>> around the time of the latest african outbreak. I don't believe 
>> that anyone died and the source was an Italian news ajency. Here 
>> in america there was nothing about this in the national press.
>> If anyone out there has real information about this, quite scairy,
>> information please e-mail me or post info to the newsgroup. Thanks 
>> much. Lee

>Dredging the depths of my memory, I recall that back in May there was a
>brief media storm (on the flimsiest evidence) in the UK, when it emerged
>that a lady recently returned from Zaire had been admitted to London
>hospital. It transpired that she wasn't suffering Ebola, and had a
>bacterial diarrhoeal illness. As far as I know, the only case of Ebola in
>the UK was in 1976 in a lab tech at Poton Down (the Government Chemical
>and Biological Defence Establishment) who accidentally injected himself
>with the Sudan strain. He was isolated and made a full recovery.

The actual bacterial infection which can imitate the symptoms of Ebola 
.... is called shigella ....

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