paramagnetic beads that can be used for flow cytometry?

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> I am trying to positively select for a cell population by paramagnetic
> beads and antibody staining....I use Dynabeads by Dynal...the big problem
> is that the beads fluoresce by themselves on all 3 fluoresce channels....
> does anyone know of paramagnetic beads which can be used in flow cytometry
> because they don't fluoresce by themselves?
> thanks
Dear Michelle

I thought the 'mini' beads from MACS (10nm diameter) are compatible
to flow cytometry.
I dont remember the exact name of the company, but they advertised
a lot in Immunology Today, and are located in Bergisch-Gladbach in
Germany. You should be able to locate them with this information.
BTW - I even think that Beckton Dickinson is distributing their
stuff meanwhile. Their magnet is quite expensive, but that you
can use also for the dynabeads and it is much faster - sometimes
even too fast - it might stripp the dynabeads of the cells (leaving
the antibody on the cells which get positive for everything you put
on them later. However, in small tubes it works fine with dynabeads.


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