Stability of recom. Fabs?

Robert C. Newton Robert_C._Newton at
Tue Oct 10 07:44:48 EST 1995

I am assuming that your protein is stored in some form of phosphate buffered
saline solution.  If not you may want to check the pH and salt concentration
for their effect on stability.  Purified (especially recombinant and, even
worse, recombinant and refolded) proteins are notoriously more unstable,
especially at low (<500 ug/ml) concentrations.  Are you storing the
protein in a self defrosting -20C freezer?  If so the freeze/thaw cycles will
wreck havoc on your protein.  You can try and stabilize by adding 50%
glycerol or 0.25M sucrose.  My suggestion is try -80C for storage or, if the
freeze thaw is a problem (you should try to quick freeze in dry ice ethanol
and thaw at 37C until a small chunk of ice is still present before moving to
4C).  Hope some of these suggestions work for you.


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