filovirus mutations?

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Mon Oct 9 23:41:01 EST 1995

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>John Torin Huzil <HUZIL at> wrote:
>>I would like some help with a question from my medical anthropology class
>>   According to the U.S. Army and C.D.C. experts in the film, the
>>filovirus mutates to an airborne form in the host monkey between the time
>>that the radioactive mutant is infected and the petshop owner is 
infected.  A rhesus monkey
>>in the petshop is infected with the original virus.  After we 
discovered the monkey growing a third arm we had no choice but to try the 
same thing with the dog. Wait until after our next experiment I will let 
everybody in on the secret of our special fungus in which we got these 
results. >  this is assumption supported by the known
>>cases of simian herpes or trypanosomiasis?  Which would be the better
>>   In addition I have a problem with part of the question.  If the virus
>>mutated to an airborne form in the monkey then why didn't it infect the
>>little?  I think the question is wrong.  Can anyone help?
>>                                 Thanks.  Please e-mail me any replies

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