paramagnetic beads that can be used for flow cytometry?

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Tue Oct 10 16:18:59 EST 1995

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> >> I am trying to positively select for a cell population by paramagnetic
> >> beads and antibody staining....I use Dynabeads by Dynal...the big problem
> >> is that the beads fluoresce by themselves on all 3 fluoresce channels....
> >> 
> >> does anyone know of paramagnetic beads which can be used in flow cytometry
> >> because they don't fluoresce by themselves?
> >> 
> >> thanks
> >> 
You may want to look into the "MACS" system, which is available from Becton Dickinson.
Here, the beads are so small that they do not affect light scatter by FACS.
They also do not have measurable autofluorescence.


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