Uses of mAbs in studying cytology

Joy Abramson ad954 at
Wed Oct 11 19:38:51 EST 1995

    I'm a student doing a project on using Monoclonal Antibodies as a 
method of cell study.  A few weeks ago I posted a message asking for 
people to explain monoclonal antibodies to me.  Thanks to everybody 
who replied!

    I've done some research now, and I had a hard time finding answers 
to the following questions.  Most of the information I could find 
related to treating cancer and things with monoclonal antibodies, 
which is not what I need.  I'd very much appreciate if people could 
help me out with these questions:

What are specific uses of mAbs in studying cells?

What aspects of cytology are mAbs particularly good for studying?

What is the contribution that mAbs have made to cytology?

How do you use mAbs to find a specific cell in the body? 

Assuming you can use mAbs that have been made fluorescent to find very 
small things, why would you want to do this?, and what can be done 
with it?

Thanks a lot,

Joy Abramson
ad954 at

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