What is AMGEN ??????

Karl-Heinz Kuhn t2150 kuhn at alf1.ngate.uni-regensburg.de
Fri Oct 13 04:50:14 EST 1995

gianpaolo wrote:

>Hello All!

>Is there anybody who knows anything about AMGEN (biotechnology firm)? I need
>informations about it


I found this information with Internet Search Machine "Infoseek":
Hope it helps you.

Amgen, Inc. Amgen Center, Mail Stop 14-2-A-229 
1840 Devhavilland Drive Thousand Oaks,
CA 91320-1789
Phone: (805)-447-3692 
Fax: (805)-499-7464 
e-mail: spatters at amgen.com

Greetings, KH

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