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>> First off, I can tell that you are a salesman and not a scientist.  Such 
>> a test is not in existence.  How would this work?!  I think you might 
>> work on something else.  
>> Scott 

	There is a test, made by a company called Epitope.  The test has 
some major drawbacks, if you ask me.
	The biggest is the lack of a confirmatory test using saliva.  
Anyone who comes up positive needs a Western Blot done, and that requires 
blood being drawn.  If the point is to test a less contagious fluid, this 
seems to miss the point.  
	Already mentioned is the difficulty in obtaining enough saliva, 
esp. from young patients.

	On a side note, a urine test for HIV-1 should be appearing soon 
from Calypte Biomedical.  It hasn't been approved yet, but all signs are 
good for approval in the near future.  This does not require a blood sample 
to confirm, either.

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