anti-ceroid antibodies

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Wed Oct 18 22:02:09 EST 1995

faure at (Gilbert FAURE) -san wrote:
>>A friend of mine, a vascular surgeon is requesting the assay of anti-ceroid 
antibodies in 
>>the serum of a patient. A MEDLINE search told me that ceroid is synonym of 
>>found in various human tissues such as neural tissue in children diseases 
>>Antibodies to human oxidized low density lipoprotein have been described in 
>>(Arch Pathol Lab Med 1990, 114, 383-387)
>>Does anyone has experience of such an assay? Are antigens available.

Although I am unfamiliar with anti-ceroid antibodies, you may get some
information from the following company who is the specialist in lipoprotein
product including oxidized LDL. Please try.

PerImmune, Inc. 
1330 Piccard Drive, Rockville, MD 20850, U.S.A.
Tel:301-258-5200  Fax:301-977-1403

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