Neutralizing AB to rat IL-6

Ian Clarke intermed at
Thu Oct 19 15:25:43 EST 1995

Hi Wallace:

Genzyme has two products that you might be interested in.The first is the 
monoclonal mouse anti-human IL-6 (1618-01). This is a neutralizing 
antibody that cross-reacts with rat. The second is the monoclonal rat 
anti-mouse IL-6 receptor (1992-01). This antibody recognizes mouse and 
rat IL-6 Receptor, and neutralizes IL-6 induced bioactivity in both of 
these species.

If you send me your fax number, I can forward copies of the technical 
specifications of these antibodies.

PS. Inter Medico is the Canadian distributor for 
Genzyme.g051941 at LABSUN1.MED.UOTTAWA.CA ("wallace lauzon ", grad student) 
>I am looking for a source for an antibody which will neutralize the bio- 
>activity of IL-6 in the rat.  I haven't had any luck with my usual 
>sources in finding anti-rat IL-6 or IL-6R.  Any suggestions would be 
>Please E-mail me the name and address of the commercial distributor or 
>generous donor.      
>Thank you,
>Wallace Lauzon
>Dept. Pharmacology
>University of Ottawa
>g051941 at


Ian Clarke, M.Sc.
Marketing Manager
Inter Medico, Toronto, Canada
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