Blood banking-Gamma globulin Infusions

Kimberla Kae Baertlein kimberla at
Thu Oct 19 23:29:10 EST 1995

Hi there!
My name is Kim and I have an autistic son with autism, he is 5 1/2
years old.  We had his rubella titer done by serum, the results are
as follow:

Rubella titer reference range is <less than 0.9
My son's is 1.7

Considering his age, his body is producing antiboties to the rubella.
My son has celiac disease, which is auto immune.  I feel he has a 
dysregulated immune system and that is why he is unable to flush the
excess titers.  We are looking into gamma-globulin infusions to boost
his immune system to rid the excess rubella antiboties.  Rubella acts
like an encephalitis attack on the brain.  This would bring the swelling
down and sooth his brain.  My question is, instead of using a infusion
sample, could we use my husbands blood for infusion?  If so, how much
would it take?  My son's body weight is approximatel 48lbs.  He would
receive an infusion one time per month.  Please respond to the emai
address listed below.  Thank you for your time....

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