Cd4 on macrophages

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Fri Oct 20 14:54:10 EST 1995

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>Dear fellow netters,
>I read somewhere that macrophages also have the Cd4 
>Unfortunately I cannot find the reference anywhere, and I 
cannot trust 
>my memory entirely.
>Could anybody help?
>Thanks in advance
>I had just posted a similiar question to the other day.  CD4 is expressed on 
monocytes / macrophage and langerhans lineages.  I have 
some good sources, but did not find a reference until Mike 
Collier (thanks again) passed the following along to me.
Wood GS, Warner NL, Warnke RA. Anti-Leu3/T4 antibodies 
react with cells of monocyte/macrophage and langerhans 
lineage.  J Immunol 1983:131:212-6.  
I was reading in the Journal of Clinical Pathology when I 
came across the mention of CD4 in monocytic lines.
In determining cell lineages in leukemias one will need 
more than CD4 & CD8 (e.g. CD2).  Hope this helps

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