software for densitometry using a scanner?

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Fri Oct 20 14:25:14 EST 1995

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> A reply to the question about available densitometry software:
> I have used ScanAnalysis from BioSoft (314-524-8029) to do 
> densitometry on blots, etc. But I also have Adobe Photoshop and I m 
> curious how the densitometry is done with Photoshop.  
> G.D. Wheelock
> Paracelsian, Inc.

If you scan your blot, you can do pixel counts of the gel using the
histogram function.  It's not as good as radionetric analysis, obviously,
but it makes an adequate work around.  If you use a digital camera (such
as the Eagle Eye II) to record your gels/blots you can do the same, giving
you a rough idea of realtive levels.

Mark Doherty

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