Zinkernagel & Doherty - MHC Restriction Experiment

John Gilligan gilligan at earth.cnct.com
Sat Oct 21 12:53:24 EST 1995

Hi.  I'm currently an undergraduate taking a class in Immunology in New York City.

As part of our class, we have each been assigned to present an important research 
paper in the Immunological field...

My presentation will be on: RM Zinkernagel & PC Doherty's 1974 paper: "Restriction of 
in vitro T-cell mediated cytotoxicity in lymphocytic choriomeningitis within a 
syngeneic or semiallogeneic system."

I understand the basic premise behind the paper and most of the results, but since 
this is a full-fledged presentation, I think I need to know more.

Can anybody recommend any good books / journal articles / etc.. that discuss this 
paper IN DETAIL and are very SPECIFIC about the results and conclusions drawn...

Thanks in advance...

John Gilligan
gillligan at earth.cnct.com

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