Macrophage half-life

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Mon Oct 23 08:02:07 EST 1995

> Does anyone out there have any data on the half-life of tissue
> macrophages? We've found the usual stuff on neutrophils and circulating
> monocytes (half-lives of a few days... or hours depending on which text
> you believe) but there doesn't seem to be much data on macrophages.

It depends on the tissue examined as well as the species.  Estimates of the
half life in tissue macropahges in mice range from a week to months and in
man from months to years.  As you can expect the turnover of a Kupffer cell
in the liver will be vastly different from a microglial cell in the brain. 
Two good reviews in this area are:
Papadimitriou, J.M. and Ashman, R.B.  1989.  Macrophages:  Current views on
their differentiation, structure, and function.  Ultrastructural Pathology. 
Van Furth, R.  1988.  Phagocytic cells:  Development and distribution of
mononuclear phagocytes in normal steady state and inflammation.  Chapter 17
(pp. 281-295) [In] Gallin, J.I., Goldstein, I.M., and Snyderman, R., eds. 
Inflammation:  Basic Principles and Clinical Correlates.  Raven Press, NY.

Hope this helps.


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