Antibody to CD11b F(ab)2 fragments

Bernhard.Stockmeyer Bernhard.Stockmeyer at
Sun Oct 22 07:05:20 EST 1995

Becton Dickinson Cat. No 550003, Antibody to CD11b, Anti-MAC-1
mouse IgG2a, Clone D12
We have observed fuctional differences between 
different monoclonal Antibodies against CD11b on 
neutrophilic granulocytes.To ascertain our results 
and to exclude effects via Fc-binding, we would
need F(ab)2 or Fab fragments of the D12 antibody.
Do you know a source to get them, or where to get 
the clone for preparing ourselves ( of course only
for research purpose ). As I heared from B.D. Europe they can´t
provide F(ab)2 fragments at a appreciable price. 

Thank you very much, sincerely 
Bernhard Stockmeyer

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