What kills DNA in blood?

Scott Davis addavis at BETA.LOYNO.EDU
Wed Oct 25 14:56:36 EST 1995

I am not too sure if this answers your question, but if you are working 
on detecting parasite DNA or viral DNA, as long as the organism is 
replicating its genome within the body you should have detectable DNA 
levels.  I have seen success in detecting only a few femptograms of 
parasite DNA by PCR.  I hope this helps in some way.

Scott Davis
Loyola University
New Orleans, La USA

On 24 Oct 1995, Jacqueline Bua wrote:

> To whom may know about DNA decay:
>         I work on  PCR, trying to  diagnose  a disease. My question is about DNA decay: Once foreign  DNA is in human  bloodstream, how long does  the organism take  to get rid of  it?. Who does the job?
>         If anybody has read about the subjet, please contact me by E mail:            bua at inscha.gov.ar
>             Thank you in advance.  Jacqueline.

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