Anticardiolipin Antibody Info

Mark K. Haynes mark.haynes at
Thu Oct 26 09:23:39 EST 1995

anti-cardiolipin antibodies are grouped with other anti-phospholipid 
antibodies. It is true that these reactivities are associated with 
auto-immune diseases such as lupus.  But that doesn't mean that a given 
reaction in the anecdotal sense is proof of a systemic autoimmune 
condition.  THat said, these antibodies are assciated with thrombosis, 
pregnancy loss, and thrombocytopenia.  One place for info is McNeil et al
Advances in Immunology, 49:193,1992, colleagues of mine have also 
recently published in Immunology and Allergy CLinics of North America, 
Vol 14, number 4, nov. 94 page 821-834.

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