Peptide conjugation efficiency

George A. Heavner gheavner at
Thu Oct 26 16:10:38 EST 1995

Amino acid analysis can be used to determine the degree of peptide conjugation 
to a carrier protein.  The best numbers can be obtained if you incorporate an 
unnatural amino acid (e.g. Nle) into the peptide.  This makes determination of 
coupling efficiency easy.  If the coupling technique covalently modifies an 
amino acid with a non-hydrolyzable linkage (e.g. addition to a cysteine), this 
modified amino acid can be used in quantitation.  Incorporation of a 
chromophore with a unique absorption wavelength could also be used in 

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>Subject: Peptide conjugation efficiency
>Date: 26 Oct 1995 00:14:57 GMT

>Does any one know of a procedure to determine the efficiency of a
>peptide coupled to a protein carrier?  The only method I know of
>requires radiolabeled peptides, and then these can't be used for
>immunization of animals.

>Are there any other procedures that can be used?

>Thanks in advance.

>Nanci E Donacki

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