Director, Auto-Immune Vaccines

Marc Andelman drgonfly at
Mon Oct 30 10:15:55 EST 1995

Biosource is an employer paid fee service.  We currently have
a position for a Director Level Scientist at a Biotechnology
firm.  The person they are seeking should have experience in 
supervising cellular immunology type work.  An ideal candidate
would have expertise in such areas as anergy,  tolerance induction,
peptides antigens which induce tolerance , peptide-MHC interacaction,
and other areas pertinent to autoimmune disease.
Interested people should FAX Marc Andelman at 508 853 8772, E Mail,
Call 508 853 8803, or snail  mail to Biosource Inc. ,
1 Parkton Ave, Worcester, MA , 01605.  Unless specifically
requested, I will only get back in touch with a particular person
if this is a dead ringer for your experience, or if something
else more interesting comes along in the future. We maintain
resumes in our confidential database and only reveal information
with a persons permission.
Thank you.
Marc Andelman

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