NIH-grant templates for Mac now on major servers

BIOSCI Administrator biohelp at
Mon Oct 30 20:11:44 EST 1995

A couple of weeks ago I posted the updated NIH grant forms (PHS298) on our
lab web server. 

These are updates of the templates I distributed in 1991, which were
modifications of some done by others, and are for use with Mac Word 5 and
Excel 4. I have incorporated the changes for the revised PHS398
application, dated 5/95. Note that this is the New/Competitive renewal
form. I don't have the non-comp or the NRSA forms yet.

The unexpected volume of the downloads has overwhelmed our small server to
the point that many attempted downloads have timed out.

Therefore I have had the files posted on two major servers, including:

The Sumex-aim server (gopher:// and
the less crowded mirrors) under the file 

Don Gilbert also posted a copy on the comprehensive IUBio server with the
path name:


Either of these servers will be more reliable than mine, but you are all
still welcome to visit our lab server (, that has the
templates as well as a number of protocol files in Acrobat format that
visitors have been downloading.

Good luck with your application;

Dennis Templeton
Institute of Pathology
CWRU School of Medicine
djt2 at

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