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Transcription factors that control development of the thymic microenvironment
T. Boehm, M. Nehls and B. Kyewski

Chemokines: new ligands, receptors and activities
S.L. Kunkel, R.M. Strieter, I.J.D. Lindley and J. Westwick

Diagnostic criteria and immunopathogenesis of Sjogrens syndrome: implications
for therapy
A. Kruize, R.J.T. Smeenk and L. Kater

The credentials of a T-cell epitope
R. Lechler and M. Pla


Fas and FasL in the homeostatic regulation of immune responses
D. H. Lynch, F. Ramsdell and M. R.  Alderson

BSAP: a key regulator of B-cell development and differentiation
M.F. Neurath, E.R. Stuber and W. Strober

Nitric oxide production by human monocytes: evidence for a role of CD23
B. Dugas, M. D. Mossalayi, C. Damais and J-P. Kolb

Molecular recognition of antigen involves  lattice formation between CD4, MHC
class II and TCR molecules
T. Sakihama, A. Smolyar and E. L. Reinherz


Analysis of TCR usage in human tumors: a new tool for assessing tumor-specific
immune responses
M. Sensi and G. Parmiani

Immunosuppressive retroviral peptides: cAMP and cytokine patterns
S. Haraguchi, R.A. Good and N.K. Day


TCR usage in CTLs recognizing melanoma/melanocyte antigens
M. J. Maeurer

Th1 and Th2: swinging to a hormonal rhythm
N. Petrovsky and L. C. Harrison

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