Source[s] of anti-heat shock protein [HSP] reagents

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Fri Sep 1 14:30:02 EST 1995

John D. Tyler writes: 
> Can anyone recommend a reliable source of anti-HSP reagents. We are 
> in using them in some in vitro experiments involving human cellular immunity. 
> Thanx in advance.

I think that we can help you with your request.  Affinity BioReagents, Inc. 
offers an extensive, and growing line of HSP reagents, including antibodies to 
HSP70, 90, 100, 60, GRP78 (Bip) other chaperonins, HSF, immunophilins, NF-AT 
and many other related proteins.

If you would like to review our product line, visit our web site at the URL 
shown below.  If you have further questions call or Email at the numbers below.

James Stiehr
Affinity BioReagents, Inc.
303-278-4535 or 800-278-4535
affinity at

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