Source[s] of anti-heat shock protein [HSP] reagents

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Fri Sep 1 15:40:42 EST 1995

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try sigma immunochemicals for anti hsp 25, 60, 70 and maybe 90.

>John D. Tyler writes: 
>> Can anyone recommend a reliable source of anti-HSP reagents. We are 
>> in using them in some in vitro experiments involving human cellular immunity. 
>> Thanx in advance.

>I think that we can help you with your request.  Affinity BioReagents, Inc. 
>offers an extensive, and growing line of HSP reagents, including antibodies to 
>HSP70, 90, 100, 60, GRP78 (Bip) other chaperonins, HSF, immunophilins, NF-AT 
>and many other related proteins.

>If you would like to review our product line, visit our web site at the URL 
>shown below.  If you have further questions call or Email at the numbers below.

>James Stiehr
>Affinity BioReagents, Inc.
>303-278-4535 or 800-278-4535
>affinity at

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